The Statutory Committees plays a vital role in safeguarding your credit union’s financial wellbeing. These Committees are comprised of members elected by you. They are responsible for independent oversight of the credit union’s operations and ensuring that loans are granted for productive and provident purposes.

Meet the dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure the credit union remains strong and secure.

Credit Committee

Robert Bourne – Chairman
Michael Roper – Secretary
Joel Caruth
Ray Mitchell
Natalia Richardson
Shaunna Sankar (1st Alternate)
Venice Lezama (2nd Alternate)

Supervisory Committee

Arlene Saunders-Howard – Chairperson
Shirler Julien – Secretary
Julien Patterson – Member
Jeniese Wills (1st Alternate)
Elizabeth Bharat-Earle (2nd Alternate)