At COPOS Credit Union, we bring over 66 years of industry expertise to the table and are fully prepared to help you fulfill your financial objectives. As a member, you can enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

Investment Opportunities at Competitive Interest Rates

Take advantage of our investment options such as the “Las Hand” offering competitive interest rates to help grow your wealth securely.

Dividends on Shares

Earn dividends on your shares, allowing you to maximize your returns and build your financial portfolio.

Access to Credit

Access to loans tailored to your personal goals, whether it’s purchasing a vehicle, funding home improvements, or covering unexpected expenses.

COPOS Visa International Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our Visa International Debit Card, accepted worldwide for local and international transactions.

Convenience with Online Banking and Sure Pay

Manage your finances conveniently from anywhere with our user-friendly online banking platform. Additionally, utilize Sure Pay services for seamless bill payments and transfers.

CUNA Family Indemnity Plan

This invaluable benefit ensures reduced financial stress during the difficult time of burying loved ones, allowing you to focus on honouring their memory without added financial burden.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your Voice Matters

Shaping the future

Have a say in shaping the financial future of your credit union by volunteering to serve on the Board, Credit, or Supervisory Committee of your credit union. Your voice and expertise are valuable assets, and by serving in these capacities, you gain valuable experience, contribute directly to the well-being of the credit union, your fellow members and be at the forefront of ensuring COPOS’ continued success.

Make a difference; by giving, you gain even more.

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